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Ever since I was a young I’ve always been into sports. Being part of competitive cheerleading teams for over  10 years, I was forced to quit due to lower back injuries. At the age of 15 I lost the sport that I loved to practice but knew I had to find a way to stay active. This is how I turned to fitness. I signed up to a small local gym, educated myself and rapidly developed a passion for this way of living. Fast forward a couple years later I decided to pursue my calling of becoming a personal trainer. At the time, I had 3 jobs, was working full time all while doing my certifications to become a Personal Trainer. Being well educated was crucial to me, therefore I went to see the best of the best as a mentor, Charles Poliquin (a world renown coach) to gain as much knowledge as possible. 

Only once I felt I was ready and could offer the best did I start to offer my services. Integrity and my clients success has always been my top priority.


I have been a personal trainer for 5 years now and I am consistently striving to evolve so I can offer my best self to every single one of you. Everyone has different needs, and I believe my greatest strength is my ability to adjust my approach based on the person I have in front of me.



  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Personal Trainer Certification

  • Precision Nutrition

  • Bio Signature - Charle Poliquin / Strength Sensei

  • Weight Loss Bootcamp - Charle Poliquin / Strength Sensei

  • Metabolic Analysis / Rehabilitation - Charle Poliquin / Strength Sensei



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