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Trainee Job Application


I require a minimum of a personal trainer certification to apply for this position. Any addition of other certifications/courses in the field of training and/or nutrition is great.

Eager to learn &

quick to apply

I am looking for someone who has a drive and ambition to learn in this field. Who is willing to grow our business together and quick to apply what is thought.

Common Values

It is super important for me to find a partner that will share core values with mine. As we will be working along side each other a great understanding and complicity is a must.


I am looking for a trainee who will be available to take on clients I cannot take. There will be a possibility to take on your own clients along with the ones I will transfer. Most important time slots I need your availability for:

Weekdays afternoons,

Fridays and Weekends.


As you will be working from my private studio located in Laval, I am looking for someone with a close accessibility, Montreal or North Shore of Montreal.


As we will be sharing business and work place informations, it crucial for me to build a solid trust foundation. There will be a lot of great possibilities to advance through this role in the future.

Apply Here!

Please fill out this document to apply for this position,

Thank you. 

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